Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all of the services rendered by DALWEB. This also applies to projects hosted or transferred to DALWEB. These terms and conditions serve as an agreement between DALWEB and the client. The terms and conditions must be agreed to prior to the start of a project. Updates to DALWEB terms and conditions may be done without notice. DALWEB is not (VAT) registered.


1. Client is to pay a 50% deposit which serves as acknowledgment of our terms and conditions and confirms that DALWEB may proceed in rendering a service.

2. By making a deposit to start a project DALWEB acknowledges the Client has read and agrees to our terms and conditions (Clearly indicated on the quote and website)

3. Deposit(s) are non-refundable and non-negotiable

4. Projects may only commence once the clients’ deposit has been made and has been received by DALWEB.

5. For websites and other projects, All content is to be provided to DALWEB within 7 days. Once content has been received DALWEB will get to work on the project.

6. For website design for websites not hosted by us DALWEB will need the Cpanel login details or FTP account details.

7. Domain transfers made from another design or hosting company to DALWEB will have to be backed up. DALWEB will not be held responsible for loss of information due to incorrect domain transfer of another design or marketing agency.

8. If you use a service provider on DALWEB recommendation, you will enter into an agreement with them. We will not take any responsibility for your hosting services. However, we will assist when you require assistance.

9. Hosting with us. Monthly Hosting and Yearly Domain fees must be paid on or before the last day of the month. Payments not received by the 1st of each month will result in suspension of your domain. A reactivation fee of R200 will be charged.

10. DALWEB reserves the right to suspend client services due to non-payment. Interest of 10% per month will be charged on all arrears for all services rendered.

11. DALWEB does not offer any printing services, and will have no involvement when it comes to an agreement between the client and printing services. DALWEB will not be held reliable for any print errors. It is the client’s responsibility to request colour and print proof before printing.

12. The client has to ensure that he/she has the copyright to content provided. DALWEB will not be held responsible for any copyright disputes.

13. Client is to provide electronically all required documentation and web content to enable DALWEB to initiate design on your website project.

14. DALWEB and the client must work together to complete the web design project in a timely manner. Please note that your website content must be available in 7 working days after your deposit payment has been received.

15. The date of completion of a project is affected by feedback and receiving of content and timelines will be adjusted accordingly. On design completion of your website it will be taken live for 48 hours so that you may preview and respond with improvements. Thereafter the website will be put back onto maintenance for final adjustments.

16. Your website will only be put live when full and final payment has been paid and reflect in our bank account.

17. All work remains the property of DALWEB until final payment has been received.

18. Website changes: Your designer will attend to the final changes on initial content provided. Any additional changes or additional work will be charged at R250 P/H. Additional pages will be charged at R400 per page. The project will then be signed off.

19. Additional work requested by the client which was not discussed with the website designer, and was not agreed upon in the initial invoice. Will be charged at R250 P/H.

20. DALWEB will not tolerate scope creeping Clear setting of objectives and goals as well as specification are to be agreed upon in the initial negotiations with DALWEB. This will remain the responsibility of the client.

21. Access to website design and backend software: If requested, DALWEB will allow clients access to these softwares /CMS programs, DALWEB and our designers or associates will not be held responsible or liable for any changes or updates made by the client or a third party. Restoration of content and information will be charged at R600 P/H.

22. DALWEB will not be held liable for any viruses, security breaches, hacking or any malicious content related to third party applications or the client’s website. The client’s domain may at any time be suspended should any viruses or malicious content be exposed by hacking or breaches to any third party application or website.

23. Invoices will be send on the 25th of every month. The invoice due date will be on the invoice and due as indicated (Normally 5 days after the invoice is sent on the 25th). Cancelation, if a project is cancelled at anytime all fees up to that point of work will be calculated and invoiced. This is payable within 7 days of the invoice. DALWEB will not refund deposit for work already performed on a project or hosting fees/domain fees as they have been paid in advance.

24. Failure to comply with DALWEB’s terms and conditions in regards to account payments will result in legal action, and the full outstanding balance becomes payable.

25. Meetings via Zoom, Video call and Voice call will be scheduled, and will be at a standard 1 hour for new clients (longer meetings may be agreed upon and are not to be charged) for existing clients relating to updates and changes will be a standard 15 minutes. Additional time spent by DALWEB representatives and or designers will be billed at a hourly rate of R250 P/H.

Hosting & Domains

1. Hosting services and packages will be deleted 30 days after you submit termination of service.

2. Clients who terminate services or move to another host or design company will be given the website’s FTP account details and will be able to save website files and content and download them.

3. Domain transfers away from DALWEB will be backed up on request. DALWEB will not be held responsible for any loss of information during a domain transfer.

4. As a website transfer is not a product, no refunds on hosting will be refundable.

5. Any outstanding hosting or domain renewals will be suspended if not paid on the date indicated on the invoice. A reactivation fee for hosting will be R200, and domain renewal will be R300.

6. Accounts that have been suspended for 60 days will be terminated and all website content will be lost (DALWEB will not release or accept any transfer requests if the client has an overdue or unpaid account at DALWEB for services rendered).

7. For reactivation a fee will be charged to restore service. Which will be R125 excluding the outstanding amount.

8. DALWEB reserves the right to suspend the client’s service due to non-payment and charge fees on all arrears in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Email accounts

Please note that it is not DALWEB’s responsibility to setup emails once supplied. We will not be held liable for incorrect set up as this is not a service included in website set up. Visit our help page for guidance or alternatively we may assist with set up at a fee of R250. Management of email storage is the responsibility of the client. Additional assistance regarding emails as to errors caused by incorrect setup will be charged at R200 P/H.

Note: if email errors are caused by third party software (for example firewalls, email apps etc) DALWEB representatives or designers will not edit settings of third party softwares. However, DALWEB may assist with providing tutorials from internal or external sources. DALWEB will not be held liable for changes in setting or errors of third party softwares, as the settings or changes were not done by DALWEB nor its representatives, but rather the client. DALWEB through tutorials will only supply suggestions as to how to fix an error. It is the clients choice and responsibility as to what they do with the information supplied.



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